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COVID-19 Information

JDIA is working with Treadwell Arena and CBJ Parks and Rec to create the safest possible environment for youth hockey  in Juneau.  As this is a developing situation, information will be changing over the course of the season.  We will keep all pertinent information and COVID requirements updated on this page.

Team Travel

Before travel, teams should review all of the guidance listed below along with local  guidance for the  rink and the community where they are traveling. Please note, testing and/or quarantine requirements may be encouraged or required upon return depending on the health risk status of the communities  :


The  JDIA  board reached out to Juneau Public Health for guidance for these situations. Each situation will be evaluated individually, but this is the general guidance we were given on October 7, 2020 and may be subject to change:   

  • TRAVEL TEAMS: If there is a reported positive on another team, teams will evaluate the level of interaction there was between our team and the positive individual(s). In some cases, public health may ask the opposing team to quarantine. If the interaction was minimal, teams may not be asked to quarantine, but parents and players will be advised to keep a very close eye for any symptoms that may develop, and have a low threshold for symptoms. A player that is experiencing minor symptoms (sore throat, runny nose, fatigue, upset tummy), should quarantine and wait for symptoms to cease. Any player that is experiencing significant symptoms (loss of taste/smell, diarrhea, fever, etc), should seek testing and follow the recommendations from their health care provider. Players with no symptoms may practice as normal.
  •  IF a  JDIA  player tests positive: IF the player participated while in the infectious stage (the immediate 48-72 hours prior to developing symptoms), the  whole team (that was present for those practices) would be asked to quarantine for two weeks. If the player did not participate while in the infectious period, the team can play on (provided there wasn't outside contact, ie carpooling, studying sessions, sleepovers, etc...)  Other  JDIA  teams that have no overlap with the age group that was impacted will continue practice according to CBJ and rink policies. If there are any siblings from a player that tests positive, they would not practice and should quarantine until the infectious period is over.  The siblings team can continue to play, as long as the sibling does not test positive for COVID.  


Please click the link for more information on Treadwell Arena's COVID-19 policies and JDIA's Mitigation Plan.  The information will be updated as appropriate over the course of the season.